Monday, February 22, 2010

Zutter BIA and 'How to Make A Man Happy'

If you look closely at the above photo you can see how the plate (on the left) is not straight
The screw that is in that plate is also bent
the little tab (in about the centre of the machine) is also not right. When I lined up paper to punch the next set of holes and to use the tab I ended up not using it, just eyeballing the page because the tab raised my page at the far end - so I guess the tab is positioned too low?

My DH got me a Bind-it-all for Christmas, he had to order it special all the way from BC since there were none in our neck of the woods at the time (we are in Ontario)
Well I used it for the first time a few weeks ago. Things seemed a bit off, but I was not too sure.
I used it again the other week to make my DD a school Day Planner
This time I knew something was wrong.
I called Zutter and today they called me back
After a long conversation and a few tests performed by yours truly they asked me to find a mailing estimate to send it back to them.
DH then figured it all out and I sent off the mail
They then asked us to destroy the BIA by drilling holes into it and once they had proof they would send me a replacement Bia
Too bad I didn't tell them about the wires I had ruined on my way to figuring out something was wrong with my machine

To make a man happy -
Tell him to go drill holes in the present he bought you for Christmas!
My DH was beaming (I really mean BEAMING) when he came in from drilling the holes.
You would think I never let him destroy personal property or something - oh wait, why would he destroy property? Not like he is a ten year old boy with low morals

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