Monday, February 8, 2010

Crocheted Hanging Towel

The towel as it looks hanging from my stove handle. Nice and long! Love it!

The above loop is where the towel was started.
I copied the 'Irish Rose' from somewhere on the net, but didn't like how it was turning out so ended up modifying it.

A close up of the Irsih Rose above

I have wanted to make one of these towels in forever. I was given one years ago as a gift and I just loved it so much we used it to death! Then I was given another one as a gift and same thing happened to it. Then I wondered why I didn't make one for myself instead of asking for another. Finally I plucked up the courage on Friday and started it. I looked everywhere for a good pattern and hated them all.
I used a doupble ball of the stripes cotton yarn
So here is my pattern:
Chain (c) 12
Slip stitch (ss) in first link to form loop
single crochet (sc) twice in each chain. ss in first sc
c 1, sc in next 5 from loop
*turn, c 1, sc in the 5
*repeat this for as long as you want your hanging loop to be (take it to your stove or where it will hang and measure)
This next part I would modify if I made this towel again and make it a bit wider, but I will give you what I actually did do

c 5, triple crochet (tc) 2 times in same space. tc 3 time in each space till end of row. turn
c 5, tc in same, tc 2 times in each till end of row. turn
c 1, sc in next, 'c 2, skip one (from below) sc' repeat to near end then make sure you can do two sc in last two spaces
I repeated this till the ball of yarn was nearly gone.

then I found the other end of yarn and created the 'Irish Rose'
I will not give the pattern for it but you can create anything for your towel, even use a button, or look for a free pattern online.
This is the pattern that inspired me

once my rose was finished I went back to the towel which was not done yet and finished it till the ball of yarn was to short to complete one more row. I fastened off, sewed the rose on and took pics then hung it on my stove where it has resided all weekend!

PS: If you do make this towel from my instructions, go ahead and take all the glory you want. Say you designed it or whatever, but please please please leave me a comment to let me know you could understand my instructions. You could even leave me a link of a pic of your towel. This would help me to know that these were not just for me!
I plan on making it again, so keep an eye out here for the newer towel, hopefully even better. (maybe I will even figure out how to write the instructions clearer!)

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