Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kevin's Mom's Birthday Card

What do you get when you are in your craft room and your Cricut is downstairs and you are being too lazy to go down and use it?

You get this beautiful card!
Yes. You do see Cricut cuts on it. They are from A Child's Year.

So this card started like this, sitting in y craft room, knowing I need to make a birthday card and not really wanting to get out the Cricut. So I grab this wonderful double sided paper and cut it in half and score it. Then I get out a birthday stamp (Stampin' Up) and stamp it on scrap paper, it matches the card well enough eh! Then I inked the edges. found another matching scrap, layered it, found some scrap mulberry, wet it down to iron it out and tear it. glue these bits together. I found an old charm from a kit I bought years ago and could not find a brad (which is odd since I have like a million of them!) so I notice these safety pins I got on sale in the scrap aisle and voila! Notice it is still missing something, so grab a left over pice of the card paper and cut it down to size and then use my Martha Stewart punches (first time ever on a real project!) but didn't cut to the right size so could not punch the sides.
Then I ink it so it stands out.

This is where I stopped being lazy!
Found two pieces of matching cardstock for the bottom half of the card.
wanted to try out my new Cuttlebug machine and folders, so embossed it. The folder is only 5 inches, the card is 6 inches, so I flip the thing over and put it through again. Yikes! It erased two rows of dots! What to do? Use ribbon! Ribbon solves so many mistakes eh?
then I notice it is too far from the side where I usually put my ribbon. So after much searching through Design Studio (I love that program) I come up with the idea of using the A child's Year. I cut 4 ice cream cones, 3 children and two girls.
Ended up not using two ice creams, otherwise used up everything that I cut!
Everything was layered onto pop dots for dimension. I tried taking one pic showing the layers a bit more. I know sometimes it helps when you can really see how a card came together.

So yes, this was an awful long story. I really wanted to show the thought proccess that sometimes goes into making a gorgeous card. This was an evolution. A true growth.
Thank you for reading my story.
Good luck with your next craft project.
PS: This card took me from 2 PM to 7 PM to make - with a few breaks in between.

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