Monday, March 22, 2010

March 4, 2010

Well this is the day that started out horrible with a visit to the Wharton clinic and ended up great when I walked out of my local Jenny Craig centre.

Wharton made me feel like it was my fault alone that I was fat. They offered me no help and even told me they did not want me coming back.

Jenny helped me remember it is not my fault alone. That they wanted to help me.

So JC costs a bit. But I had been miserable about my size for years now. Even went so far as to join Wharton. Nothing got me back on track as much as JC did. When you consider what you gain from JC, there really is not a lot of cost. I save take out meals, I save dining out meals, I save other meals. And heck, I even save all that booze I was drinking to help me forget how fat I was. Take all that money I was spending a week on stuff not good for me, and how much money I was actually consuming, and I think it makes JC just a little over let's say 20 bucks a week. Now that is a cost I can live with. Plus my health.

Slowly it is coming back. I have been walking more since March 4. I have been using the Elliptical daily. 5 minutes some days. 20 minutes at once a few times now. I bought Skecher Walking shoes.

Tomorrow is my weigh in. As of last week I have lost 8.8 lbs so far.

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