Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mileage Book

DH needed a new mileage book for work. He had used just regular little spiral notebooks in the past, the tiny ones that fit in your pocket, but it wasn't quite what he needed. He had been saying how he needed to make one just for him, and my getting the Bind-It-All for Christmas inspired us to make this. He designed the pages and then printed them out on the puter and I designed the book.
The front and back covers are made of a piece of cardboard. In fact, the piece of cardboard that comes with a paper pack! I cut 4 to size, to match the pages, which were 1/4 of a whole page. Then I glued two together for the extra sturdiness. Let it dry while under heavy objects.
I inked the edges and all the sides of the covers with Eggplant from Stampin' Up.
I cut the car and word with my cricut and glued them on with Mod Podge and then sealed it about 5 times.
This book is going to go through a lot of punishement and I really wanted it to last. My husdband thinks it should last him about a year. Maybe I will remember to take a pic of it when it is full (empty) to see how well it lasted eh!

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