Monday, October 15, 2012

Creativ Festival and projects worked on.

Finished the crochet baby blanket for my neighbour on Saturday.  Such a gorgeous finished project!  I made it square per her request.  She was very happy with it!  

Worked more on my Peacock feathers afghan (Waverly - Beautiful Blue).

Found a bunch of afghans I finished earlier this year that I had forgotten about.  Silly me!  Too productive a year I guess!

Went to Creativ Festival Sunday.  $20 for parking!  OMG!  We did save going in the door though, only $10 total (five each).  Bought a small quilt/wall hanging kit for $24 and finally got my hands on the Beekeepers Honeycomb pattern with 5 sample skeins of yarn to go with it - paid way too much ($19) but happy to get the pattern at last.  My knitting is not that good yet, so will use a 'cheap' ball of sock yarn to start with.  Then again, other than the sample yarn my whole blanket will be made out of 'cheap' yarn!  Nothing cheap about $3 a ball just cuz I didn't pay $10!  Over all, I had expected to see some great deals, deals we could only get by going to the show.  Instead we only got a bunch of stores all in one spot - I can get that on Ottawa Street!  

It is my opinion that using the economy is a poor excuse for why there were no deals.  CF needs to find a better location that is cheaper for vendors to rent space so they can pass on the savings to their customers.  Some place with better parking included.  Classes and those who attended seem to have gotten the better end of the deal than those who were like me and just wandered around looking for deals and inspiration.  There was a lack of other uses for fabric - seemed to only be clothing on the high end couture type (like seriously, do you see your customers?) or quilting.  Where were the purses, bags, toys, wallets and other small fabric ideas?  Even small wall quilts were lacking.  I finally settled on a Scrap Bag quilt mini, but the choices were too limited over all.  I was hoping for ideas on quicker projects.  Even my favourite stores didn't offer show only type deals - MM, I was hoping they would have say, even just a dollar off store prices, would have been satisfying and prompted me to buy more!  Just a dollar would have done the trick.  I had hoped to find Addi Swing hooks for just a wee bit less.  This is only my opinion on how it could have been better for me, the consumer.

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