Monday, January 11, 2010

Glass Lazy Suzan

Made this for my Step Mom who really wanted a lazy Suzan for her table.
When I found this I knew it would be perfect!
Used From My Kitchen
the plate (Lazy Suzan) is 12 inches so i made a 12 inch circle, next I made a smaller circle for a guide, then placed the images I wanted along the guide, deleted the guide circle. cut the image out, removed the positives, had hubby clean the glass and scrub it down and transferred it all over then etched it all and left on for about 25 minutes

Thank you to every one who has ever posted their project along with directions, that was the only way i was brave enough to try this.

Gave it to my step-mom for Christmas and she just loved it, had to tell her I etched it though, she thought we bought it that way!

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